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Himalayan Salt Mat


I personally use these wonderful Himalayan salt mats for my clients on my Healing table,  it helps to calm and relax them as I am doing their Healing Session.   Also when I travel I use one to help keep me calm on the road or on a plane, it also helps me sleep better in my hotel rooms.

Our Himalayan Salt Mats works with each individual to help balance and restore their energy.

Most people find them to be very relaxing, reducing stress and anxiety and aiding in meditation, yoga, and most of all sleep!  

The one comment we get from everyone who has used our Himalayan Salt Mat  is, "I have never slept better in my life!"   The Himalayan Salt Mat can also help you feel more energetic and motivated if that is what you need.  

Our clients report that they have relieved muscle and joint aches and pains, migraine headaches and even indigestion.  Children and animals find them to be very soothing and helpful too!  

Roxanne Wong, Reiki Master


When I personally need a Healing Session of my own, Roxanne is one I go to and truly trust to work with my energy.  Allowing someone to truly help heal you, you need to trust them within your energy field, and I completely trust Roxanne.  She is a gifted Reiki Master. 

Roxanne Wong lives in Los Angeles and has been practicing Reiki since 2001.  She was first introduced to this amazing healing energy by a cousin in Hawaii.   Roxanne is a member of The International Center for Reiki Training and Shibumi International Reiki Association.  

On a personal level, Roxanne uses Reiki to balance her stress from her corporate job and to manage pain from a repetitive motion injury.  Over the years, Reiki has greatly helped her expand her intuitive abilities.

Roxanne is an Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Psychic Intuitive Messenger and Angel Card Reader*.

Machelle Glassburn, Certified Hypnotherapist


Hypnosis is something that was really a taboo for me all my life, well until I met Machelle.  Machelle created a level of trust, scared space and a level of work ethics that I had not experienced previously.  So I decided to give Hypnosis one more chance and I'm glad I did.  Working with Machelle over the last 6 years has greatly benefited my personal and spiritual journeys.  My growth would have been much slower and difficult without having done Hypnosis and Past Life Regression with Machelle.  I highly recommend working with her.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Machelle offers you tools to heal your life by accessing your subconscious programs. Machelle was trained in the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, an approach that combines body, mind and spirit. 

Machelle received her training from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona in 2010. Their program is accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. 

Machelle offers Hypnotherapy in the privacy of your own home or in her home office. She offers flexible scheduling and a complimentary consultation. 

Please contact Machelle Glassburn of Thoughtful Healing to schedule an appointment or for further information. 

Life Changing and Life Saving Books

Medical Medium

Medical Medium by Anthony William

  • Written by Anthony William

Medical Medium - Life Changing Foods

Medical Medium Life Changing Foods  by Anthony William

  • Written by Anthony William

I highly recommend the Life Changing Foods and 

Liver Rescue books as these are the two I personally use the most.

Medical Medium - Thyroid Healing

Medical Medium Thyroid Healing  by Anthony William

  • Written by Anthony William

Medical Medium - Liver Rescue

Medical Medium Liver Rescue by Anthony William

  • Written by Anthony William

I highly recommend the Life Changing Foods and 

Liver Rescue books as these are the two I personally use the most.

Medical Medium - Celery Juice

Written by Anthony William

  • Written by Anthony William

Simply one of the most important books you can read today to change health for the better!   

Recommended Reading

Wings of Forgiveness

Kyle Gray, Wings of Forgiveness

  • Written by Kyle Gray
  • This book is simply a MUST READ!  I have read it several times and get something new out of it each time.  Thank you to Kyle for his incredible connection to the Angels and for sharing his gift with us all.

Light Warrior

Kyle Gray, Light Warrior

  • Written by Kyle Gray
  • After reading Wings of Forgiveness, I followed it up with this life changing book.  Light Warrior, truly speaks to the Warrior within us all.  Helping us to find our voice and take positive loving action in the direction of your life purpose.  

Rise Sister Rise

Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise

  • Written by Rebecca Campbell
  • We are currently reading this book.  Totally in love with the power of the words and depths that it is awakening my soul and scared feminine within me.  It is a book for everyone, but women looking to remember who they are at the core... FOR SURE you need to read this. 

Daring Greatly

Brene' Brown Daring Greatly

  • Written by Brene' Brown
  • I not only bought the book but also the audio so I could follow along more clearly.  Taking in every nugget of gold that she shared and opened my eyes to in such meaningful and simple ways.  My book club ladies loved this books and so did I .

Beautiful Money

Beautiful Money Leanne Jacobs

  • Written by Leanne Jacobs
  • I am in the middle of reading and doing the 4 week Wealth Makeover!  I fell in love with this book and Leanne's way of opening up my heart, mind and soul to a whole new world.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book even if you are set financially as it deals with so much more then just that. 



Written by Meggan Watterson

Looking forward to reading this wonderful book.