Glendale, California, United States
Zento Healing

About Karen

Karen Dominguez-Cavin, Zento Healing, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Medium, Channel


 Karen Dominguez-Cavin is a 4th generation Native American Healer, Medium & Channel. She is also a Zento Master, Teacher and an Ordained Minister. 

When Karen is performing a Healing session, the energy she works with is called Zento. Zento (Zen two) means “A Way Forward” in Japanese.   Zento energy is here to help those looking for a way forward, both on their physical, and spiritual journeys. 

Karen is a conduit for the Angels, Guides and Beings of Light to work through, to bring healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. While she is doing the healing sessions she frequently receives messages from your Loved Ones and Angels. 

Karen channels Zento energy through her, as she works with her spiritual “squad”.  She explains that when the healing sessions are taking place, she steps out of the way and allows the healing energy to flow through her, as each client is uniquely treated. 

Angels, Guides and Loved One, Zento Healing

Medium, Psychic & Channel

When I am connecting to the other side, (Angels, Guides and Loved Ones),  I ask for your loved ones to come forward that have a message you NEED to hear for your highest good at this time in your life.  

I prefer to have you hear the messages you NEED and understand it is not always the message that you may want.  We all wish to hear from that special person we have lost, but the one that comes forward is always the one that has the most healing and helpful messages you are needing at that time.

Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Spiritual Awakening, Zento Healing

Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

Connect you to your personal wisdom, gifts, and purpose, and  to assist you in reconnecting to Spirit

Meditation, Guided Meditation, Zento Healing

Guided Meditations - Teach or Conduct

Standard or custom meditation and relaxation techniques will be used depending on the request and/or need so that everyone can find at least one method that works for them

Spiritual Ceremonies, Weddings, Vow Renewal, Funerals, Zento Healing

Spiritual Ceremonies

Officiate ceremonies and write text and other materials created or co-created based on needs

Home, Business Energy Clearing & Blessing, Zento Healing

Home or Business Clearing & Blessings

Sometimes energy can feel stagnant, heavy or negative in your home or business. These energies can be left behind by previous tenants or collect over time when not energetically cleaned or cleared. Clearing sessions will help remove all previous energies and reset the energy to a positive and uplifting flow.