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Maray A., Los Angeles, CA 3/9/19

I walked in to meet Karen in such agony and pain from losing my husband to the Angles 4
Weeks ago.  After our healing session he came to me and I  could feel his love and warmth around me.  Karen has a gift. And I was the receiver of that gift. Knowing that my husband is with me and is there guiding me and I'm no longer alone.  If you are in pain of a loss...go see her and you will feel like I did walking out her door. I'm grateful and blessed.

Christina K., Central Los Angeles, CA 2/24/19

I just had acdf surgery on my neck and moved into a new home and have been really lost and depressed. Alcohol and depression really got me lately. Karen came and did a home clearing and then did some healing work on me. I know I have work to do but after my session I feel like some block has been removed and something in me is activating to atleast get up and shower! Karen also gave me a dietary recommendation to open up some more blockages to help me heal my body and so far I feel alot better.  highly recommend Karen for a healing session and home clearing. I will be seeing her again. Thank you Karen!!!

Ernesto D., Glendale, CA 2/20/19

Karen is wonderful. A truly gifted healer. She explains every step of the process in order to put everybody at ease. She is very kind and open hearted. I highly recommend her classes and readings.

Narine V., Glendale, CA 1/12/19

Thanks  Karen for everything that  she did for my family. She is really professional medium, healer and nice person.

Karina K., Glendale, CA 1/10/19

Karen is an amazing, kind and knowing healer. She is always happy to answer my questions. I love her healing sessions.


Stephanie H., Carlsbad, California 5/22/18

I’ve worked with Karen off and on over the last 16 years and I have to say she is by far the most authentic healer that I have had the good fortune to know.  She is down to earth, honest, humble and lives a life of integrity and service.  She isn’t afraid to tell me the hard stuff and also offers her unconditional love and support.  

Karen has walked me through some of the hardest points in my life with such grace and love.  She has taught me how to follow my heart, how to protect and ground my energy and how to have an unwavering faith in spirit.  She is constantly learning and growing and uplifts all those she comes in contact with.  She is a gifted healer and teacher and I am lucky to know her.

Roxanne W., Arcadia, California 5/21/18

Karen at Zento Healing is fantastic! I have had many healings with her and I always come out more centered and balanced afterwards. A few years ago when I was recovering from cancer and my surgeries, her healings accelerated my recovery and kept me emotionally balanced. I have attended her book club and she is a very insightful and thoughtful instructor.

David V., Pasadena California 5/18/18

On top of being one of the kindest and most down to earth people I've ever met, Karen happens to be a master at her work. In a field that has unfortunately been besmirched by the corruption of charlatans and con artists, Karen stands apart in both her sincerity and no b.s. approach. You can trust me when I say I am a highly incredulous individual when it comes toward things of this nature but her work with my wife alone surpassed even my strongest reservations. (I would have gladly paid her 300X what she charged but don't tell her that). Karen is passionate about her work just as much as the people she serves. So as a fair warning, by the end of your session you are just as likely to end up with a new best friend.

Ryan R., Phoenix, Arizona 2/13/18

What an amazing healing energy session I received from Karen of Zento Healing! Wonderful experience! Karen has a true gift for this work. She has a grounded understanding of what it takes to create a warm, safe space in order for you to open yourself up to receive the healing. In even just conversation with her, you start to relax.  If you are new to the whole universe of energy healing, she can relate her work in a way that makes sense, if you have a deep practice of your own she can lead your experience in a way that brings completely new insight. Overall, I highly recommend a session with Karen! Your chakras, soul, and Being will thank you!


Dave B., Casa Grande, Arizona 1/24/18

I have known Karen for a long time now and her gifts are absolutely amazing!!! Even in the beginning when she told me she couldn't promise anything when we sat for the first time; my skepticism didn't waiver and I wasn't sure how to feel. But I was still willing to go along and see what she could do. Let me tell you, not even 5 minutes into a house clearing my skepticism was gone as she was able to walk through my house and find things that belonged to my wife's mother that even I didn't know were there or what they were. She had never been in my house before and never met my wife up until then so there was no way she could have known the things she knew. From then on she has done group sessions at our house, Psychic fairs, personal healing sessions, medium sessions where you can see how she affects people in such a positive way. She has told me things from relatives that had passed on stuff that just makes me stop in my tracks to know that the connection she has with the Angels is pure and full of love and light; and people trying to communicate from the other side making sure we are taking care of ourselves and sharing messages. She is up front, honest and to the point. If you like sugar, you won't get it here. She will not indulge people and tell them what they want to hear, she will tell them what needs to be shared. I highly recommend her for any of your needs. Contact her today.

April V., Pasadena, California 1/7/18

Karen rocks. I didn't tell her why I was in need of healing and after the session, she told me the things that she felt from my energy was in need of healing. Sure enough, she nailed it. After the session, she told me what needed more work and how I can fix it. Still a work in progress but I definitely have a different perspective in things nowadays. She's legit and so down to earth. I haven't gone in for a reading just yet but will do so within the year. Definitely coming back again! If you feel like you've fell off the tracks a bit or are just completely lost, she is definitely someone you should pay a visit to. Thank you Karen!

Valerie S., Los Angeles, California 12/30/17

I can't praise Karen enough. Over the course of the last year, I've had an introductory 1-hour reading, a healing, and an end of year/ year to come reading. What I loved most about Karen when I initially met her, was that she explained the process of her readings and healing in detail to help put me at ease. Whether it's a reading or healing, Karen makes sure that you fully understand how she works, and what to expect. Her bedside manner is impeccable (that of a true nurturer and healer).  You can absolutely feel the transfer of energy during the healing session. Also, each reading I've had with her, she's given so much information, and the tools that I need to work on me.  I'm looking forward to continue to work on myself with the guidance she has given me to date. Lastly, I always get asked about parking after I write a review, and rest assure there is ample street parking.

Beth V., Pasadena, California 11/12/17

Karen was wonderful to work with, she was kind, warm, & caring. She rebalanced my chakras & completed energy healing work. I have struggled with chronic anxiety for the majority of my adult life. After sessions with Karen, I no longer have panic attacks and my anxiety is at an all-time minimum. She also did energy work repairing a rotator cuff problem from an injury ~10 years ago. Very thankful to have found her, I highly recommend working with her.

Roxanne W., Arcadia, California 8/19/16

I have seen Karen at Zento Healing numerous times for energy healings. She does an amazing job of finding areas with issues and clearing them. Karen also balances my chakras so that I feel more clear, centered and grounded after the session. Her studio is very calming and she uses crystals in her treatments. I am very sensitive to other people's energies and she has taught me to ground and protect myself from negative energies. I have learned a lot about different metaphysical topics from Karen.

Karen makes you feel comfortable and welcome when you first meet her. She does a fantastic job of explaining what she finds and what she does during the treatment. She also shares any intuitive insight she receives during the session. I have also had oracle card readings with her and have found them to be very informative and helpful. Karen is an excellent healer and intuitive!  I will be going back to her for my next healing session!